Bangladesh food is distinctly different from Indian Cuisine and I wanted to make sure the mark was distinctive and impactful, yet called back to the unique feel of Bangladeshi Food.
The mark incorporates several key aspects that are are callbacks to Bangladesh. The outer shapes are shaped like a semi-closed Lotus Flower, which is the national flower of Bangladesh. I chose the semi-closed shape to pair with the red and orange color palette, which is reminiscent to the flame grill used. 
Within the center contains a chili pepper, which representing the various flavors and spices (many of which are very spicy) that give that are woven into the food. 
The branding revolved around using the various spices found within the various dishes. These spices formed a variety of interesting patterns, and gave the restaurant a distinct feel that bled over to the various branding elements throughout the different systems. The color palette utilized primary colors for the more primal look for the spices, while minimizing excess production cost during the printing process.

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